Ocube alarm clock review

Geemarc Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Review Summary;


Overall feels high quality, though the buttons at the top can sometimes feel a bit flimsy. 


With the added functionality from the vibration plate and the different levels of noise (plus sounds), it's a pretty decent packed alarm clock.


Fairly well priced, we would say this is the standard price for loud alarm clocks with vibration plates these days. 


  • Multi-wakeup function
  • Quite A Cute Design / Retro Inspired
  • Damn, This Thing Is Loud


  • Not a huge fan of the different alarm noises
  • Buttons at the top feel a bit flimsy and the different buttons, sliders and widgets feel like there is no 1 single way to do something. 


Loud, vibrates and comes with a number of different alarm options and multiple alarms.

Trying to find iconic, or funky looking alarm clocks that don't just look like boring black bricks is difficult, especially when it comes to finding alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. 

Today we can across the Ocube, which is a strange name, considering this is not cube... Yes, we know it's the brand name, it was a rubbish joke. 

The Ocube is an oval shape/round shaped clock, built to look like the clocks of old. Offering 100db+ in sound and an additional vibration pad, designed to help those who may sleep through the WW3 going off next to their head. 

Relatively new, it hasn't been reviewed a lot, so we thought we would give it a look and create our own Ocube Alarm Clock review to check out some of the features. 

Ocube Alarm Clock Features

A pretty unique or iconic design, depending on how you look at it, this alarm clock uses the original 'alarms' as its dials to help set and use this clock. 

  • Pretty large, dimmable display - Easy to see what it says from a distance
  • Loud as hell, and again adjustable (up to 110dbs)
  • Additional vibration plate (this can be turned off or only used if you prefer) 
  • USB charging port ( you can plug your phone in, or watch or whatever you fancy)
  • 3 Separate alarm sounds (if that's your thing)

We What Like About The Ocube

We actually like the fact these guys have moved away from the boring old square or oblong blocks, this brings back old memories!

The alarm is one of the loudest we have used, at least outside of actual alarms that are designed to go even higher (as apposed to an alarm clock). With a number of settings to lower the volume, as well as incorporate the additional vibration plate. 

The plate does a pretty good job, with a decent length cable, between 6 - 9ft depending on who you believe, but it should be long enough for most people's needs. 

Using the bells, or what would have been metal bells on the original style clock is quite clever and make using it little more enjoyable, as it moves away from the boring standard buttons, though they do still have them. 

We What Didn't Like About The Ocube Alarm Clock

Not a huge fan of music or bird song when it comes to noises for alarm clocks, but some people are, and that's fine, just not our cup of tea. 

Having a mixture of dials and buttons and switches gets a little messy, having just 1 or 2 ways to do stuff would have been nice, maybe using the dials to go through options more, or have ways of removing the switches (double clicks or something). 


A really nice product, considering we found it by accident when trying out a different clock, this was quite nice to find. The sound is decent, controls are for the most part easy to use, and the vibration plate does actually work, with a cable length longer than our little finger. 

For those who are really hard of hearing, the vibration only mode will be really useful, especially if you shared a bed with a partner, who may not want the sound of the world crashing around them happening every morning at 110dbs. 

As with a lot of clocks these days, the additional USB slot is useful, and well received, especially as you end up losing plug sockets for these alarm clocks (rarely do you find one that doesn't chow down on batteries 100 at a time). 

Worth checking out this Ocube Alarm Clock.

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