Geemarc Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Review

Geemarc Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Review Summary;


A classical looking design with a large screen, well built and a great design


The fact that this alarm vibrates makes this a bit of a unique idea. Some issues with the auto shut off though


Not that expensive, especially compared to build quality and features.


  • Large Screen
  • Vibration Adds An Extra Level To This Alarm
  • Seriously Loud


  • Auto Shut Off 
  • Quite Easily Snoozeable (huge button)


Loud, vibrates and comes with a number of different alarm options and multiple alarms.

The Geemarc has an absolutely amazing name, it's called the Sonic Bomb, which makes sense, as this is is meant to be loud!

We had to give this a test to see if it lived up to it's awesome name, so we decided to do a Geemarc Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock review. 

As you can see, it has a pretty solid design, that actually comes in two parts, yep this product is a dual attack alarm clock. 

Hitting you with an 85lb alarm clock, as well as a vibrating pillow alarm, this Sonic Bomb really will wake you from that deep slumber.

With a number of different features, including vibrations, pitch and tone variations and even alarm levels, this could be the bomb.

Sonic Bomb Features

As we have already pointed out, this alarm clock does come with a unique feature, the bed or pillow vibrator, designed to shake you from that heavy sleep, but it also comes with a few other features. 

  • Adjustable pitch volume, in case you want to wake your dogs up. 
  • A large, red display to easily find in the dark
  • A quick and easy to find snooze button ( a little silly to be honest)
  • An adjustable alarm tone and sound, so that you don't get bored.
  • Bright, and semi annoying flashing lights for when the alarm goes off

We What Like About The Sonic Bomb

It's a pretty striking alarm clock to have on your bedside table or wherever you put your alarms these days, with it's black and red colour scheme. 

The alarm itself does not disappoint, only slightly quieter than the screaming meanie, this clock will easily wake your neighbours! 

If you are a heavy sleeper, then this will wake you, as well as giving you the option of having your own nuclear siren going off, you can also opt to only have the pillow vibrator. 

This vibrator will semi violently shake you awake, either with or without the alarm to go with it. 

The other things that we enjoyed about this, is the fact the controls are big and easy to see. 

You don't need to fetch your glasses to find the controls, and you can easily change the brightness or the screen, so your retinas are not burned during the night if you happen to wake up. 

Lastly, the screen is massively easy to read, as with everything with this alarm clock, they are BIG. It's impossible to miss! 

We What Didn't Like About The Sonic Bomb

The downside to everything being as big as a bomb, is the fact the snooze button is about the same size as the Mariana Trench. 

You can't miss it! 

Which defeats the point of having a loud alarm, if you can easily turn it off without having to look. 

The alarm also comes with an automatic shut off, which again seems backwards, especially if you are designing alarms to get people up and out of bed. If you can sleep through 30 - 60 seconds of abuse to your ear drums, then you might just do that. 

You can also only set one alarm at a time, which in itself isn't bad, some people like to have back-up alarms set to help minimise the risk of sleeping through the alarms.


Considering this alarm comes with a pillow vibrator and is still one of the loudest alarms we have tested, it really could have come top, but the large snooze and auto-off feature really turned us off. 

For the price, you are getting a brilliant alarm clock and it will definitely help those who struggle to get up in the morning. 

Maybe just move it far enough away so that you don't accidentally turn off the worlds largest snooze button. 

We hope you have enjoyed our Geemarc Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Review and it has given you an idea on the type of Alarm clock you may want to purchase!

Worth knowing - They take 9 volt batteries to operate (don't worry you can purchase them on Amazon here)

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