Dreamsky Alarm Clock Review

Dreamsky Alarm Clock Review Summary;


Another classic design, the items does look pretty solid. It doesn't feel like it will break, and the quality of the speaker is decent. 


You are given a number of USB slots for charging other devices, but there are not additional devices to help (in case the noise just isn't enough) 


One of the cheapest we have looked into, under £20. 


  • Simple, Easy To Use/View Display
  • Fairly Loud (Up to 80db) & The Sound Does Change In Speed/Intensity 
  • Dual USB Slot
  • It's Cheaper Than Most


  • Not The Loudest We Have Looked Into
  • No Additional Extras Such As Vibration Plate


A very simple, easy to read alarm clock, pretty decent for those who have poor eyesight. Thankfully you can dim the HUGE red display, so you don't burn your eyes when you are trying to wake up in the morning. All in all, not bad. 

Finding decent alarm clocks that can wake us from our deep slumber, is difficult, there is no way around it. But at the end of the day, clocks and alarms have to look sleek and decent, so that they don't just look like a grenade sitting in the corner waiting to blow your ears off every morning. 

This one stood out from the crowd, because it was simple, large and supposedly still fairly loud (a little quieter than Sonic Bomb). 

Though, from the price and the lack of features it's obvious it's not fully focused towards those you may find it difficult to wake in the morning. Instead, this feels like it's more for those who need a product that is easy to see or find (maybe those with poor eyesight). 

Dreamsky Features

There are not a ton of features on this particular clock, though again for the price, it's not a huge surprise. 

  • A large, red display to easily find in the dark - You can dim this, so it's not stupidly bright when you wake up
  • A very clear, simple display - Nothing is cluttering this display
  • An 80db alarm, will wake most people up, without much of an issue (as long as you are not a crazy deep sleeper)
  • A varying speed/noise alarm, the longer you leave it, the more the noise/speed changes
  • Dual USB slots, allowing you to charge your phone or apple watch 

We What Like About The Dreamsky Alarm Clock

To be honest, the clock looks sleek, and simple. It's designed to be easy to see and it's brilliant for those who simply cannot see that well, or need something a little clearer. 

The sound and the alarm volume are decent, and hitting up to 80dbs will wake most people, the Bomb was 85lb and that is one of the loudest we have dealt with recently. 

We What Didn't Like About Dreamsky

It's missing features that many of the other loud alarm clocks offer, including lights or vibration plates to offer an additional way of waking you. 


This clock has been designed for easy viewing and for those who need something that is simple and obvious, without targeting those who may be heavy sleepers.

If you need an alarm clock that can charge your phone, apple watch and still wake you in the morning, without costing you an arm and a leg, then this isn't a bad product to go for.  

But, if you are trying to find one that can wake you up in a number of different ways, you may want to skip this. 

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