CLOCKY Alarm Clock Review

CLOCKY Alarm Clock Review Summary;


A cool, and interesting design, not your typical alarm clock style. 


It has wheels! What more could you ask for? Fine, the fact it has a decent alarm also helps. 


This is more expensive than your usual run of the mill alarm clock. But you are paying for the fact this thing has wheels! 


  • This Thing Can Quite Literally Get Up And Go To Stop You From Hitting That Snooze!
  • Pretty Loud, Though Not The Loudest We Have Encountered On Here
  • It's A Nifty Design And Pretty Unique Looking


  • The Cats Are Pretty Terrified Of It.
  • This IS More Expensive Than Your Normal Alarm Clock


Such a unique design and concept, this alarm clock is something different. If you struggle or you sleep through normal alarms (but you don't need a foghorn) then this could be the one for you. 

What can we say about the Clocky that isn't glaringly obvious. This unique alarm clock is not something you come across every day, and a new one for the alarmclockforheavysleepers website!

You may be fooled into thinking this little Clocky is a bit of a gimmick. Something to amuse the kids or annoy your dog with.

We had to review this, as it just looked so cool, plus they promised it was pretty loud. 

The Clock will start to move around like a crazy person as soon the alarm starts to go off. Dropping from heights of around 3foot (so most bedside tables will be fine).

This clock will blare out it's alarm, while changing direction, and becoming quite annoying. You will be forced to get up, out of bed to turn this clock off, which is the aim of the game. 

Clocky Features

Aside from the obvious one, being the fact this thing moves you will also find a fairly loud alarm, resulting in a very annoying, but effective little device. 

  • Easy to set up, with a large, clear buttons. 
  • Front display to quickly see the time
  • You get one chance to snooze this, then you are out of luck, you are getting out of bed. 
  • Colourful and fun design

We What Like About Clocky

This is not your boring run of the mill alarm clock. If you are someone who really struggles with getting out of bed, you are going to be getting up to shut this thing up. 

We enjoyed the fact it will just shoot off, with it's little alarm going off. With a single snooze button for those who are quick enough to hit this thing before it takes a trip under the bed. You don't stand much of a chance of sleeping in, unless you happen to be someone who can sleep through constant alarms. 

Comes in a variety of colours, it's easy to see and the display is simple enough to understand.  

We What Didn't Like About Clockie

If you have pets, you are going to want to make sure they are not in the same room as this thing. Cats, dogs, Llamas, whatever it is, don't have them near it. They will hate this moving, whirring little maniac. 

For those who are simply deep sleepers, who don't hear alarm clocks, this won't wake you up. The alarm clock is loud, but if it shoots out of the room or goes under the bed, it's quiet, and you will simply go back to dream land. 


A unique and quirky alarm clock, this one will do well for anyone who likes to keep hitting the snooze button. 

Other than scaring the pants off the pets, we found it pretty decent at waking us, and the exercise you get from running after it is an added benefit. 

It is more expensive than other alarm clocks, so keep that in mind. You are offered a full refund if this breaks or stops working due to falls or it whizzing around. 

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