BUFFBEE Super Loud Alarm Clock Review

BUFFBEE Super Loud Alarm Clock Review Summary;


A pretty standard looking design, with a cheeky bed shaker included as a separate buzzer 


The external vibration tab is unique, with most offering it as an all in one. This is a VERY loud alarm clock


A mid-range cost, the majority of super loud alarm clocks are around this price range. 


  • Large Screen, With Flashing Lights & Bed Shaker 
  • 4 Different Sound Levels
  • Power outlet & Battery Operated (No More Accidental Layings)
  • Cheeky USB Charger In The Back To Charge Your Phone (Saves A Plug Socket)


  • The Bed Shaker Has A Very Short Lead
  • Speaker Feels 'Tinny'


A great mid-range priced alarm clock, that will definitely wake you up, or vibrate you awake if you require it. 

We have recently started to look for affordable, but decent alarm clocks that can help wake the dead. We noticed a new contender appear, brining in some very positive reviews.

A standard oval design alarm clock, with an additional vibration plate for those who are REALLY hard of hearing or perhaps even blind (this comes with flashing lights).

As the  The BUFFBEE 'Super Loud' alarm clock was pretty new, and getting good reviews, we decided we had to check this product out and see what it holds. 

BUFFBEE Super Loud Features

The two biggest features that sets this particular alarm clock apart, is the 100dcb+ alarm and vibrating plate. It also comes with; 

  • Red 'alert' lights, these can be switched off
  • 3 different settings, for all the time, weekends and weekdays (we kept it on weekdays)
  • A large display to quickly see the time and date
  • Battery/Mains operated
  • Pretty big snooze button (it's easy to smack it and fall back asleep for 10 mins)

We What Like About The BUFFBEE Super Loud Alarm Clock

This thing looks pretty harmless, looking a lot like a run of the mill alarm clock with large display, but it can pack a punch. 

The 100db+ alarm does the job, thankfully it is adjustable, and we do recommend dropping it a little, as the 100db alarm sounds very tinny and to be honest, a little crap when it's so loud. 

If you are a heavy sleeper, or perhaps you are deaf, then this will wake you up either via the alarm or the vibrator, or bed shaker as they call it.

An odd one, but the additional USB in the back of this was also helpful, clocks take up a plug, so being able to charge a phone (even if it's slowly) is always worth a shout. 

We What Didn't Like About BUFFBEE Super Loud Alarm Clock

The quality of the speaker on this feels cheap, it really sound awful at the higher decibels, and the unit feels a little cheap. 


The fact that they have included a bed shaker, and offered a variety of different alarm levels, this alarm clock really is versatile. For the price, you can find quite a few similar products, though it feels like the money was spent on the bed shaker addition, and not on making it feel nice. 

All in all, this isn't a bad alarm clock, and if you are a heavy sleeper, this should do a damn good job of getting you out of that deep sleep. 

We hope you have enjoyed our BUFFBEE Super Loud Alarm Clock Review and it has given you an idea on the type of Alarm clock you may want to purchase!

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